Pasture Fed Beef

 Although excellent from a health standpoint, the leanness of pasture fed beef can cause the meat to cook more quickly and to dry out if overcooked. Following a few basic tips you will be able to best make use of your grass fed beef.

Pasture Fed Beef Cooking Tips

Thaw properly

Cooking frozen or partially frozen beef causes the meat to be dry and tough and to cook unevenly. Take your time defrosting. Allow ice crystals to melt and be absorbed by the meat. Microwaving is a ‘no-no’ for defrosting and cooking. It can change the texture and flavour of beef and reduce tenderness.

Use a Marinade

 If you are new to grass fed beef, we recommend cooking without marinade first to discover the distinct flavours our beef cuts offer. From there you can decide how you would like to spice it up. 

Slow cooking methods (low heat with lots of liquids) are best for grass fed beef. Liquids such as lemon, vinegar, wine, beer, cola, or bourbon are great choices.

Always use tongs on your beef.

A fork pierces the meat and you’ll lose juices.


Mind your Cooking Time

Pasture fed beef takes less cooking time (depending on method). It also continues to cook when removed from heat. Once off the heat, let it sit loosely covered for a few minutes. This allows moisture to be redistributed in the beef and decreases moisture loss through steam.

Sear before Cooking

Searing locks in those juices. Whether grilling, roasting (oven or slow cooker), braising or frying, sear the outside of your beef cut first over a high heat on each side before reducing the heat, then continue cooking as you would. Searing will be easier and more flavourful if your favourite fat is used (oil, butter etc.). It will also help prevent drying and sticking.

Reduce the cooking temperature

Grass-fed beef is leaner and needs to cook at lower temperatures. we highly recommend investing in a good meat thermometer. Do some research, start practicing, and you will soon find your desired internal temperatures for your grass-fed beef cuts.

Purchase Some of Our Pasture Fed Beef!

Try pasture fed beef for yourself and enjoy all the healthy benefits of eating local food from a small scale farm operating naturally and honestly to bring you the best beef possible.

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“We have been getting beef from Rosedene Acres for about 5 years. I’ve always got what I expected and like that I know these cows are cared for properly.”

“Alison and Larry went out of their way to accommodate an unscheduled beef pick up and they even showed us around the farm while we were there.”

“Rosedene Acres ground beef is my secret ingredient in my family favourite chili. A lot more flavour than store bought meat and I know where it’s from.”

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