Our Pasture Fed Beef

Heart Healthy: lower fat, higher vitamins!

Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef has:

  • less total and saturated fat
  • lower cholesterol
  • fewer calories
  • more vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C
  • higher omega-3 fatty acids

Good Choices

When you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture, you are:

  • improving the welfare of the animals
  • helping small farms make a living from the land
  • sustaining rural communities
  • giving your family the healthiest possible food 

Compared to grain-fed beef, animals fed and finished on pasture have fat that is more yellow than white. This is a result of the high levels of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and beta-carotene (to name a few). Pasture-fed and finished animals have less fat (external and marbled), cholesterol and calories.

The animals in our Pasture Fed Program are pasture fed AND finished. 
Nothing but their mother’s milk, then pasture, hay, water and sunshine their whole lives! 

For more information on grass fed beef, go to www.eatwild.com or use your search engine on grass/pasture fed beef.


The animals chosen for product range between 16 – 24 months old. Hanging sides weigh-in at approximately 200-225lbs and are dry-aged.

Hanging/Dressed Weight

For custom freezer orders, we charge by the pound of hanging weight:

Weighed when first hung to age. Over the aging process moisture is lost as well as bones and fat removed in the butchering process. Resulting “cut weight” will be about 60% of the hanging weight – depending on how you have ordered your cuts (lots of bone in or mostly bone-out cuts)

The Aging Process

Dry-aged: We use the dry-aging process where sides are hung for a time before cutting to allow natural enzymes to break down tough collagen between muscle cells. Our butchers typically age our beef between 14 and 21 days (see chart).

Table from www.canadianbeef.info

Our Product

Custom freezer orders of any size:
mixed quarters
full animals
We also sell box’o’beef’ small enough to fit in your refrigerator’s freezer space (approx 1 cubic ft, 25-30lbs).

A sample box’o’beef contains:
5-10lbs ground beef
3-5lbs stew beef
6-10 steaks
2-4 small roasts
Various recipes and packaging sizes
Individual pieces
e.g. ground beef, steaks, roasts…

Your orders can be picked up at a local butcher shop, or deliveries can be arranged for an extra fee. If ordering a custom freezer order, you work with the butcher to have it cut and packaged the way you want.

Our Butchers

We feel our job as farmers is to raise livestock in a safe, healthy, humane manner according to our husbandry values. When it comes to certain specific questions about your beef product, we are here to help, but we suggest you also speak with our butcher.

Our butcher(s) are excellent, and help guide you through your cut choices that best suit your family’s eating and cooking style. The yummiest cuts will depend on your eating style. Some people like steaks, whereas others like slow-cooking stews and roasts. The butchers are going to be your best friends to help you choose your cuts. They will then custom cut the meat the way you want it, and package in authentic butcher paper according to your instructions. All our butchers/abattoirs are government inspected and approved.

Sustainable Farming Producing
Locally Grown Beef! 



Purveyors of Quality Meats
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