Cooking With Pasture Fed Beef

Although excellent from a health standpoint; the lean-ness of pasture fed beef will cause the meat to cook more quickly and to dry out if overcooked.

Please take special care, and use slow-cooking methods to enhance the quality of our pasture fed beef.

The key idea is to slow it down:

  • Cooking frozen or partially frozen beef causes the meat to be dry and tough and to cook unevenly. Take your time defrosting. Allow ice crystals to melt and be absorbed by the meat.
  • Pasture fed beef takes around 30% less cooking time (depending on method). It also continues to cook when removed from heat. Once off the heat, let it sit loosely covered for a few minutes. This allows moisture to be redistributed in the beef and decreases moisture loss through steam.
  • Microwaving is a ‘no-no’ for defrosting and cooking. It can change the texture and flavour of beef and reduce tenderness.
  • Best slow cooking methods are over low heat with lots of liquids (juices/marinades).

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