Naturally Raised Beef & Chicken

Rosedene Acres is located in the heart of the Niagara Region, within the wine and fruit belt. Larry and Alison Moore raise a herd of Beef Cattle well adapted to flourish on natural pasture.

Our naturally raised, pasture fed animals

  • do not receive any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, are free from stresses that decrease their health, and in turn the quality of their meat. They have free range of various pastures, hay, mineral licks and shelter… (go to – Husbandry Practices)

  • forage on pasture, their native diet and grow at a natural pace, and are not fattened on grain, soy or other weight-gain supplements… (go to – Grass Fed Beef)

Our Beef:

  • Grass fed beef is the good choice for you and your family. The beef is healthier with higher omega fats and vitamins, and lower cholesterol. …(go to - Grass Fed Beef).

  • Generally processed in the late Fall, after the pastures are finished, our beef animals range between 18 – 26 months old. Hanging sides weigh-in at approximately 200-225lbs. Custom sides/quarters or pre-packaged box’o’beef’s are picked up at a local butcher shop, our farm gate, or deliveries can be arranged… (go to - Processing)

  • Due to the ‘lean-ness’ of our beef, take special care, and use slow-cooking methods to enhance the quality of our pasture fed beef (go to – Cooking)

  • A limited amount of meat is available each season. Please contact us for more information or to be put on our newsletter and/or contact list (each time an animal is sent for processing, you will be contacted by email).

We also sell live animals. Contact us for more details.

Sustainable Farming Producing
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Larry and Alison


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